240 Single Sided Swingarm Wide Tire Conversion Kits:

240 Single Sided Swingarm for Hayabusa, Honda, Yamaha, B-King, Suzuki and Kawasaki.

The 240 SINGLE SIDED Swing Arm Kit is the ultimate custom add on for sport bikes today. DSC BIKE SHOP'S Phat 240 single sided rear wheel conversion kit is a true Bolt-On kit that requires no cutting, grinding or welding. Even with the difficult tubing angles there is no concern keeping your rear 18x8.5 rim centered with our swingarm frame. These swing arms are engineered to be 100% functional for daily motorcycle riding. Our big 240 single sided swing arm will stand up to any other single-sided kit out there.

Installation Guide

A degree of mechanical skill is required. When installing wider wheels and tires assure there is enough clearance throughout frame, exhaust, suspension and frame. Use loctite where owners manuel shows required. Always be safe, and use a bike stand or lift.

Swingarm Removal (1) Remove the swingarm pivot tube bolt. (2) Remove bolts from lowering links that hold the shock to swingarm pivot. (3) Remove Chain and rear brake and brake hose. Now the whole rear end is ready to be removed.

Swingarm installation (4) Run pivot tube bolt from right side of frame towards left side and tighten bolt to specs. (5) Attach new lowering links if using at this time and then bolt rear shock to underside of single sided swinagarm.(5) Swingarm is done and now you can mount rear wheel, brake caliper, bolt on rear brake line using new crush washers and fit chain. Done!

Choose from a chrome, black or aluminum coat finish.

*WARNING* if you don't like Attention don't buy one of these Custom 240 single sided swingarm kit...

Don't' forget those Wave Rotors to complete that custom look.


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240 Single Sided Swingarm Kits Includes:

  •  Plus 2-4" single-sided swingarm
•  Front off-set sprocket & rear sprocket
•  Pirelli front tire & 240 rear tire
•  18 x 8.5 rear wheel
•  17 x 8.5 front wheel
•  Rear brake disc & caliper
•  Extended brake line
•  Extended chain

We carry 240 SINGLE SIDED SWINGARM KITS for the following sportbike models:

•  Suzuki 600 GSXR •  Suzuki 750 GSXR •  Suzuki 1000 GSXR •  B-King
•  Yamaha R6 600 •  Yamaha R1 1000 •  Honda CBR 600RR •  Honda CBR 900
•  Honda CBR 1000 •  Honda 954 RR •  Kawasaki ZX 600 •  Kawasaki ZX 636
•  Kawasaki ZX 900 •  Kawasaki ZX 1000R •  Kawasaki ZX 1200 •  Kawasaki ZX 1400
•  Kawasaki ZX 10R •  Kawasaki ZX 12R •  Kawasaki ZX 14R •  Kawasaki ZX 1400
•  Suzuki TL-1000R •  Yamaha R1 •  Honda CBR-1000RR  

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